Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Story of Dweezil

Little Dweezil

Dweezil arrived a couple weeks before Christmas, 2011.  From what our parents found out at the Mesilla Valley Animal Services booth at the Las Cruces Farmer's Market, a litter of similar appearing puppies had been abandoned near the village of Dona Ana, which is about a mile from our house.  Auntie Bucksnort claims to have seen Dweezil wandering around the area for about two weeks.  The way we figure it, he spent his time wandering up and down the BNSF rail bed looking for his siblings.

Anyway, one fine day he meandered down our street and our mother pulled out a camp chair and a bag of mozzarella string cheese and lured the little critter inside the fence, whereupon our dad shut the gate.  But that dog wasn't going near any of the humans and didn't care all that much for we perros piraticus either.  It was dark and getting pretty cold before our dad coaxed him into the house, which by now was filled with people for a Christmas celebration.  Little Dweezil (that wasn't his name yet) settled right in on a couple of laps.  The rest of us were a little aggravated by his special treatment---we NEVER got string cheese snacks and on that particular night we were confined to the Nargle because of the dinner party.  I mean, we are dogs and have been known to mooch food.....

Dweezil thinks he's just adorable
Dweezil got his name a couple days later----we think it was from a clue in one of our mother's crosswords----Frank Zappa's kid or the like.  He's now firmly entrenched in the pack and loves playing with Petey Pablo the Lobster.

Petey Pablo aka Pablo Frijoles aka Pobster the Lobster

  That is, as long as our dad doesn't 1) raise his voice at us (we're dogs--there's the occasional mistake on the floor in the hall or by the kiva fireplace); 2) try to put one of his baseball caps on Dweezil's head (the rest of us are used to it; dad would never hurt one of us); 3) wear one of the plaid flannel shirts mom gets him at Christmas (he has three: Dress Campbell, Dress Stewart, Black Watch); 4) let the dogfood bag rattle while he takes it out to the garbage ( or rustles any other paper for that matter).  Any of these puts Dweezil right into a tail-spin; he shakes, his ears get inside out, and he immediately rolls over into the submissive position.  All we can figure is they must remind him of someone/thing when he was on the road.  But he does have a classic howl, although he doesn't do that as much as he used to, which was every time a locomotive blew his horn at the crossing down the road.  We figure it's because he's accepting his new life as a pirate dog and eventually he'll get over the rest of his phobias too.  And you humans think we dogs don't remember----HA!!!

Dweezil the Dancer

Monday, December 24, 2012


Well, we pirates did eventually get our turkey..........

The humans even cooked it and shredded it into pirate dog size chunks for us.  It's all gone now but we heard there's a ham for the coming holiday in the fridge.  Bet Anton or the Captain figures out a way for us to get more than our share of that...........

For the rest of you,


From Los Perros Piraticus

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


In the previous post we made it clear how unfair we felt the humans were being this Thanksgiving.   We want leftover turkey.  Well, Anton Chico decided to do something about it:

He really hates Peckatina.  And we didn't have the heart to tell him "That's not a turkey, bro."  As for Peck, she wishes the wire on the pen had bigger holes so she could show that chihuahua a real chicken kiss!!!!!

BTW, we saw the dad put a turkey in the freezer so we'll be having leftovers anyway, maybe just not this Friday......


From The Pirate Dogs-----Los Perros Piraticus

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 Complaints

It's the week before Thanksgiving here in the Chihuahuan desert.  The night-time temperatures have driven the chihuahuas into the depths of the quilts on the bed and every chair or sofa has to have a blanket or comforter they can burrow under.

Anton Chico is cold

Readers in colder climes need to appreciate the fact that although this is the Sunbelt, the Southwest, the elevation is 3900ft above sea level and with the 300plus days of warm sun, temperatures in the 50s feel cold to these small canines for whom the desert is named......

We don't understand the big deal about Thanksgiving.  We don't consider it much of a holiday.  This year the humans are going to dinner with some friends.  That means we get stuck in the Nargle all day. And to add insult to injury, we are sure there will be NO LEFTOVERS.  If we weren't pretty certain the animal control officers would split up the crew, we'd complain of abuse.

Especially because we've overheard the humans planning a trip to some bird watching place on Friday!!!!  Another day cooped up!!!!  Life is just NOT FAIR----why we're being treated like DOGS.  Those Klingon Kats better beware when we get let out of here.........

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall 2012

The arrival of fall in the high desert of New Mexico happens pretty suddenly.  One day it's mid-90 degrees during the day and in the 70's at night, the next it's only in the low 80's during the day and the 50's at night.  Like last week when there were two record lows recorded for that date in history.

The humans went on Sunday to one of the harbingers of fall---a hot air balloon festival.  This one was at White Sands National Monument, long professed by them as one of their favorite places.  From the pictures, it must have been very cool.

balloons rising above a dune

up up and away.....

just cruisin'

a baloon shaped like an airplane

Smokey the Bear was there

alomg wih a cheeky, winking Klingon Kat

The humans left at 5:30 in the morning---we slept in in the Nargle.  Balloons are cool but we'll wait until they lift off closer at a more accomodating hour.

Another sign of fall is their increased activity which usually means we get more time in the Nargle to train for assaults on the Klingon Kats.  Recently they went to the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park for a show about animals in the park.  You can see those videos here.  Our favorite is the javelina because Dweezil sort of loks like one, all the wiry hair......


But the most reliable portent of autumn is the behavior of the chihuahuas.  These little Southwestern natives have been insisting on getting under the covers on the bed or the afghan on the sofa.  As Anton Chico demonstrates, it doesn't take very cold temps for them to need their blankies....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Loss

R I P Commodore Cody.

Although you were a Klingon Kat, you were a brave warrior and earned the respect of the Nargle's crew.  While we will not mourn you as we did Bertequila, we will still mourn. 

Cody was born in July, 1995 and succumbed to various body system failures the night of July 18, 2012.  He was called a "geriatric cat" in 2007 by a veterinarian back east, before the hejira to New Mexico.  He survived 17 years.

While a kitten, Cody played and lived fiercely.  Both Bertequila's and PeteyPablo's penchant for dragging him about by his aural appendages reminded the humans of Cody doing the same to his older sister, the late Keeker-ecca.

We will miss the Commodore and wish him god-speed to the Rainbow Bridge where he will await the Pirate Dogs and his humans, whiling away the hours with Keeker, St. Hannah, and the other pets who preceded him............... 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nerd Prom 2012

It's been very busy around here and we've been neglecting our writing.  So......

As election season ramps up with the "nerd prom" we figured we'd share this

We're sure our readers will see the resemblance between the First Dog and our Captain

Think of how much less expensive it would have been, not to mention the wealth of assistance in running the show, the captain of the Nargle would have been compared to that Portu-gee water thing.....