Sunday, March 24, 2019

Henri Le Chat

So last November, the parents succumbed to temptation at the Dona Ana County Kitty Condo in the county building.  There was a male Siamese with ringworm available.  They fell for it, bringing the little bugger, née Jupiter, home and renaming him Henry, aka, Hank or The Kerchief.  We mostly think he’s a CATastrophe. (Hey, what do you expect from dogs writing….)
fullsizeoutput_b5eHe likes to stare out the windows.
IMG_3569At first, his favorite napping place was his carrier.
IMG_3580His favorite snack is his dad’s hand.
IMG_3615He found these black pads and decided he was Bat-Cat.
IMG_3644He hogs the sunlight on the bed which really pisses off Cheeky and Petey.
IMG_3646At least he backed the wrong team for the Super Bowl.  Stupid cat!
IMG_3658He got even for that last comment by stealing Leny’s monkey.
IMG_3666And here’s what he mostly does– sleep on the chest at the foot of the bed so that we dogs can’t get up on the bed.

But of Course We’re Still Here

You all didn’t forget us, did you??  We’ve been lobbying the parents to get us each Facebook pages but they tell us FB has limits.  I mean, our pack, the two Siamese, the flock of 20+——surely FB servers can handle that addition, right????  Well, anyway, here we are, with an update from the CSPS (bad memory, huh? Canine Space Pirate Ship) Nargle and the Yard……….
Dweezil has been sitting in the old man’s lap while he catches up on Game of Thrones he’s decided he’s now Dweezil the Dragon dog.

el beisbol II
got to go for a ride with the parents and was gone so long we all got worried we’d have to learn to feed ourselves.  Turns out they went out onto the West Mesa and got caught in a traffic jam:
Then the Keliosaurus Regina (come on, you know your Latin, she can’t be Rex, that’s the masculine form) decided to explore and found a new napping location:
Yes, that’s a bathroom sink.  We’re trying to figure out how to get behind her and give her a little surprise…………….
Of course, she’s not the only weird one.  One of the Marans has decided to move out of the henhouse and reside permanently in or on the Summerhouse:
Just no pleasin’ some animals………….
Finally, age has raised its ugly head.  Anton Chico and Weetz Elva just ain’t as spry as they used to be, sometimes needing assistance from the humans to get onto the furniture:
But there has been some improvement, un milagro:
Hope you all have a fun rest of summer and we promise not to be so lax in posting!!!!!!


We perros piraticus would like to wish all our readers, friends, family, and chickens, as well as the Klingon Kats, a very Merry  Christmaand a Happy New Year!!!!
You can click or roll over the pictures to see captions.  And as the poet said, “…and to all a Good Night!!”

‘Tis the Season

So it’s that time of the year again.  Pecan harvest.  Luminarias, aka, candle-baggios.  Santas and reindeers.  We perros get to participate, too.   One year, the late great Bertequila got all done up for the holidays:
We miss him.  He was a bundle of laughs and howlies.
Speaking of howlies, there was the time our parents took us to the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park  to see Señor Claus.  Leny and Petey reacted with howlies of excitement (or was that fear on Peter’s face????):
Worst part was, Santa was a friend of the family who frequently came over and played with us!!!!!
We didn’t get to go to Mesilla this year, but our parents and some friends did.  They went to an old hacienda on the plaza for the annual Nacimiento de Navidad open house which includes a display of nativity scene icons.  Dad took a few pictures:
It is, after all, the Southwest
A very nice old organ with several nacimientos on it
Handmade of straw and wax
A Storyteller for the Nativity
And of course no display of Naciementos would be complete without a shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe:
So to all our friends, family, followers, and everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS from los perros piraticus…………..